During 2500 years of history, Rhodes has been the economic and cultural center for the smaller islands of the complex, as well as one of the most important nautical and commercial centers in the Mediterranean.

It also contributed majorly in Philosophy, Arts and Science of the time. The ancient city of Rhodes has been a beautiful and well structured city. Romans, Arabs, Ottomans, the Knights, Italians, Germans, British, they all left their stigma during their stay in the island.

The multiculturalism that characterizes Rhodes originates from these alternations during the centuries. The medieval city – a world cultural inheritance monument of UNESCO – is a mixture of different architectural styles from different historical periods and it comprises a live part of modern history.


The island is a gift from Zeus to god Apollo, according to the myth. When Zeus split and shared the earth between the Gods, Apollo the God of the Sun was absent;being equitable, Zeus then promised him that the piece of land that would rise during the next sun rise would be Apollo’s; this is how Rhodes became known as the island of the Sun.
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