Top of Akramitis

Hikers set off on a hiking adventure to the second highest mountain peak of the island from a forest path through a lush vegetation of perennial cypress trees and across stretches dotted with low bush aromatic plants and multihued blooms. Arriving at the top we will enjoy the incredible views of the lush forest that goes out to the west coast with background the islands of Halki and Alimia. On this wilderness national park as identified by the NATURA 2000 Network of Nature Protection areas, with alternating landscapes and images of pristine countryside and natural beauty, we stop at the the church of St. John and at the Den of Spies, refuge of the resistance during the Second World War. The arrival in the village Monolithos will give us the opportunity to taste the local cuisine and after a stroll within the village we take the road back.

Schedule of excursion


  • Arrival at the scene.
  • Climb at the top of Akramitis with two stops, first at the chapel of Saint John for picnic and then at the Den of Spies.
  • Arrival at the village Monolithos for a traditional meal.
  • Departure.


  • Up to 5 hours’ hike on minor roads, paths and off-road paths of mean inclination angle.
  • Ideal for beginners in good physical condition.
  • Children of 12 years minimum.


€85 / person

More info
DAY : Thursday
TIME OF DEPARTURE : 08:15-09:00
TIME OF ARRIVAL : 18:15-18:45
DURATION : Full day excursion ~ 10 hours
DISTANCE : 10.5 km.

The 823 m. high Akramitis is the second highest mountain in the Greek island of Rhodes in the Mediterranean Sea. The mountain is located northwest of the village Siana in the west of the island. It has a moderately higher eastern flank and a steep western slope.

Since the summit is unwooded and drops steeply to the west, one has an unobstructed view over the west coast to the island of Halki and the uninhabited island Alimia. At the northwestern foothills one sees a strange tennis racket-shaped plateau, where located the Kingdom Kimisala 2,500 years ago and today is full of overgrown vines. The cliffs of Apolakkia can be seen in the south as well as the homonymous lake, north-east you can see the bare peaks of Attavyros.